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The Water of Life

I would like to take a closer look at this statement: "Life is the child of water. It is the presence of pure water that brings life to the land. Plants both capture water & provide food for the growing life of the soil. As life comes to the soil it builds structures that further serve to capture water." It is important that you understand what I mean when I say "Pure Water". Pure is actually a relative term defined as "unadultrated, wholesome, & untainted"; but what is "wholesome" for the health of the earthworm, or the deer that frequent the garden beyond our vegetable patch, is very different from the "Pure Water" that I require. And yet absolutely pure, distilled water is not the water of life. It seems to be a brew, a solution of elements that is the result of a balance between the position of the Planet in relation to the Sun, and the myriad life forms that inhabit the Earth. Life in its most elemental manifestation understands the need for, and has the capacity to create, Pure Water. Before moving to the Hat Ranch, over 20 years ago, I lived for 14 years in the Siskiyou National Forest, on Silver Creek, in the mountain wilderness of Southern Oregon. Carol joined me 5 years into this adventure, and Jacob was 6 when we moved to the Hat Ranch. We were surrounded for miles by virigin timber and our water came directly from the stream. The creek I drew water from did not have a name, so I decided to call it "The Fountain of Youth"! Out of that name grew a saying: "Water is The Fountain of Youth, for Without Water, there would be No Youth". As we look for yard sticks to measure our success in healing the planet, I believe we need look no further than the Purity of Water that inhabits the valleys of your neighborhood.